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Dan Greenway

Dan Started his career working for Bernie Ecclestone’s Formula One Management where he was responsible for the specialist cameras used at the various Grand Prix circuits around the globe.

Excellent timekeeping, communication skills and attention to detail are just few of the skills Dan gained in this high pressure live environment.  As well as rigging the Jib and remote cameras he was responsible for minicams in the teams garages, track-side minicams and the kerb cam.

In 2003 Dan moved to central London and started working for a small facility company providing equipment for Hidden camera programs including “Coach Trip”, award winning CBBC’s “Stitch up”,  “My New Best Friend” and “There’s Something about Miriam”

These hidden camera programs offered a new challenge every week trying to fit a Bradley Remote camera into something even more whacky or just something very small!

As hidden camera programs became less popular online and televised Poker exploded, producers demanded something better than PAL 4:3 minicams that had been used to see the players hands previously.  As well as better cameras with RCP control no-one had used fully controllable lighting to light the cards correctly, Dan sourced the first generation DMX dim-able LED strips and provided Sky Sports with there first full HD table minicams when everyone else in the world were still using SD 4:3 minicams. During the busiest years Dan had 3 complete poker table systems being used for Sky and C4 poker productions.

Dan Greenway LTD now provides cameras, minicams and crew for wide variety of programs, dramas, commercials and live events. For details on recent projects please click on the “projects” pages

Dan’s work includes

  • In car
  • Light Entertainment
  • Live events
  • Music
  • Olympics Camera Corps
  • Commercials

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