Covert / Hidden Cameras

I have been filming hidden camera, prank and rouge trader style programs since 2005.  Whether it’s a bag camera for under cover filming of a rogue trader or a full covert install for a massive hidden camera prank I can help!

I have provided mini fixed rig and hidden cameras for the last five series of  Michael McIntyre’s Big Show, filming unwitting contributors being set up by family and friends* to do a huge live stage performance.  Click here to see one of our favourite Unexpected Star of the show 

As well as this “Unexpected Star of the show” we also filmed more unexpected wannabe stars singing their hearts out at Karaoke bars across Europe, little did they know they would be forced to duet with the real singers themselves in front of a huge audience, here is our favourite with Kylie Minogue.  “Kylie-oke” 

Pinhole cameras can be built into nearly everything including tubes of toothpaste and children’s toys. Larger appliances like televisions and microwaves can hide the latest Pan and Tilt cameras to give high quality pictures for candid camera style shows.

As well as these bespoke builds all the usual bag minicams, glasses cams and buttonhole cams associated with rogue trader and reality filming are available.