Poker Cam Hire – Cameras for poker recording

We provide under table cams, peep cams and hot heads for televised poker working on a range of live casino tournaments and studio games internationally. Technology has moved a long way since the days of mounting DV cams under the table on magic arms!

All under table camera systems can be used in SD or HD and are operated from the gallery/control room meaning there are no interruptions during the game for adjustments. Position, iris focus and colour can all be adjusted between poker hands meaning each camera is always sharp and matching with the main studio cameras.

DG Ltd works regularly as consultant on poker shows, aiding clients with the building of TV camera tables. We also work closely with Graphics companies, whose card recognition systems use images from the cameras to create live graphics. As well as under table minicams, flop camera, VTR’s to record all the minicams and an advanced heat free LED lighting system for the under table cameras can be provided. I sourced the first generation DMX dim-able LED strips and provided Sky Sports with there first full HD table minicams when everyone else in the world were still using SD 4:3 minicams.

Hot head cameras can also be used to cover the action above the table complementing the main studio cameras. Entire poker tournaments have been webcast using solely our remote cameras.

View our Pokercams in action with this Riverview  Webcast Film

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