Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition

I wasn’t a massive fan of the early GoPros but the latest GoPro 3 is a very useful tool for when there simply isn’t space or time to use anything else.

The new version boasts a much sharper picture, less distortion and truer colours.

Using the ‘ProTune’ setting you can reduce the amount of internal processing, improving contrast handling and digitally sharpening the image. ‘ProTune’ also raises the bit rate your video is recorded at, up to a maximum of 45mbps.

I also have modified Black Editions with improved lens options, offering less distortion and vastly improved optics compared to the stock GoPro.

Please call for more info on multiple GoPro shoots and Array filming

Go Pro Hero 3 Black Dimensions

Camera & Battery W-60mm H-42mm D-32mm 94g

In Housing W-76mm H-66mm D-41mm 170g

Go Pro Hero 3 Black Specifications

Power 1050mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Via USB 2 & battery charger
Sensor 11mm. 4,000 x 3,000 pixels max
White Balance Auto Manual OSD on Output? YES
Remote Control Included or view and control via free GoPro app
Waterproof housing
Wi-Fi remote
Suction mount
LCD BacPac
Battery BacPac
Ride & roll bar mounts
PAL: 1920 x 1080p; 50, 48, 25, 24 fps
PAL: 1280 x 720p; 100, 50 fps
NTSC: 1920 x 1080p; 60, 48, 30, 24 fps
NTSC: 1280 x 720p; 120, 60 fps
Recording Formats
Recording Medium MicroSD class 10 or higher (64GB max)
File Format Wrapper mp4 Codec H.264
Max Recording Time 3 hrs @ 45mb/s
Audio Mono, 48kHz, AAC compression
Still Photo Resolution 12 MP Max Burst Speed 30 fps
Still photo Time-lapse Continuous

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