Panasonic POVCAM/AG-UMR20 / AG-UCK20GJ 4k minicam

This new 4k minicam from Panasonic is a direct replacement for the older HD AG-HMR10 and AG-HMR10 combination or “POVCAM”

Its very similar in operation and is same size as its predecessor but boasts latest 4k progressive “MOS” sensor and wide angle 20x zoom lens.

Using the AG-UMR20 and AG-UCK20GJ combination you are able to record 4k (3840×2160) 25p .MOV files on to the duel SD cards.

Using 128GB cards and recording 4k 25p at 50Mbps you can record up to 5hrs of 4k video.

The new AG-UCK20GJ camera head has a very impressive 5 axis hybrid optical image stabilizer (OIS) which means its not only able to smooth out walking shots its able to deal with vibrations when mounted on ana arm or in car.

The camera can also be colour corrected and white balanced via the touch screen and has optical ND filter inbuilt.

So far we are very impressed with this little camera and offers the user a mid price 4k option between GoPro 5 and larger DSLR or block cameras.

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