BR-Remote CamBall 4ki

The 4k version of BR-Remote’s Camball weatherproof camera has instantly become popular for wildlife filming and 4k sports productions.  With all the looks and durability of the HD CamBall this new camera has a 1/2” Sony sensor and 8.28 megapixels, the images are truely amazing and this camera will hold its own against much larger sensor cameras. We have 4 of the new 4ki cameras and they have already been used in central Africa, South Africa, Zambia, South America and Europe.

I have worked with David Bradley’s cameras since 2003 when his miniature remote cameras were the only cameras compact enough for hidden camera programs and the only PTZ cameras rugged enough for wildlife programs.

David’s continued customer focused R&D is excellent, cameras and remote heads are continually being improved.

Download BR Remote CamBall 4Ki Data Sheet 2020