Panasonic AW-UE160 PTZ Camera

This brilliant new PTZ camera from Panasonic is packed with new and improved features making it Panasonic’s flagship PTZ.
The AW-UE160 has a newly developed, high sensitivity sensor of F14/2000lx, equivalent to larger studio cameras, meaning it will provide clean images in dimly lit venues, stages or night time scenes.
In addition to its in-lens optical stabilisation the UE160 has roll correction which will mean even more stable images when used with motorised sliders and rail systems.
The new generation image processing engine, also used in the LUMIX GH6, has vastly improved processing power. High-pixel image data output from the 1-type (1“) MOS sensor, which offers an excellent balance between adequate depth of field, high image quality and high sensitivity, is processed at high speed to improve the S/N ratio.
The optical lo-pass filter suppresess luminescence and colour moiré which is going to make it very popular for live events and virtual production. Panasonic have thrown a huge amount of features into this camera, its really very impressive.