Sound Devices / Video Devices PIX Recorders

I love my Sound Devices / Video Devices PIX240i’s.
Such well made reliable product, does everything I need and more. Use them day to day on mini fixed rigs, in car filming and hidden camera.

As well as BNC inputs they have HDMI inputs if you need to record a DSLR camera at better resolution, timecode in/out BNC for jamming to and from other cameras and XLR inputs for microphones which can be adjusted in the Audio menu.

SSD’s are cheap and easily available really there isn’t anything I don’t like about them.

With this in mind I decided to treat them to some new cases.
The old cases they were a little cramped and the foam was getting damaged by careless people packing away in a hurry.

I have four single kits each housed in a Pelican 1520 case and then a larger Pelican case that holds four units with all their accessories.
All the accessories you need are in the box and bespoke LANC controls can be made to order if you need remote triggering.

Give me a bell for a great deal on hiring the PIX240 recorders in their lovely new cases!