Polecam is a single operator, lightweight, portable, modular crane system which is quick and easy to rig/derig. It can be used in a whole range of situations to give your camera the ability to elevate and track with smooth movement whenever and wherever you want.

I have worked closely with Polecam for a number of years. As well as manufacturing Polecams and accessories for owner operators across the globe Polecam Systems have been appointed Toshiba European Centre of Excellence for their range of broadcast products.
The association of Polecam with Toshiba is a strong one that follows the industry’s technical progressions through standard definition, high def and now 4K.

As well as working with many excellent Polecam operators I also own a Polecam that can be offered as part of package when hiring remote cameras, Blackcam System track dolly or fixed minicams.

Please get in touch for more information on our shooting packages.

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