Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q & Apollo Hire

The Convergent Design Apollo is massive step forward in field recording for multi camera and in car filming.  It allows up to four HD video streams to be recorded on one device.  All the signals are recorded in sync with one another and timecode matched.

As well as the 4 x HD streams you can record a live switched feed or the quad view itself which can be used for logging and edit purposes.

The duel SSD slots allow either extended record time or mirroring for simultaneous back up. Like the 7Q and 7Q+ it used industry standard 2.5” SSD’s which are relatively cheap and easy to source.

The monitor itself is a 7.7” OLED which excellent colours and true blacks great for matching cameras and also has Focus Assist, Historgram, Vector Scope Waveform and Zebra.

Download Convergent Design Apollo Data Sheet 2020