Monitoring / Remote Monitoring / Gallery

I have been building galleries and monitoring areas for hidden camera show since 2005 back when the term “fixed Rig” hadn’t even been thought of.  Most of the jobs I do are relatively small in fixed rig world, 4-20 cameras, often with limited rig time.  With this in mind I usually build simple, un-complicated galleries that don’t cost the earth but still deliver excellent recording options and first class monitoring.

I use 17” Sony OLED monitors for the operators positions and main cameras then all the cameras can be seen on 42” LCD’s with multi-viewer.

During COVID19 pandemic, images from our cameras and our on set monitoring have been streamed to production and agencies across the globe enabling all of production to produce from the safety of their own homes.  When working like this we are usually able to limit the people on site to just one, me!