GoPro / GoPro Black / Multiple GoPro shoots

I wasn’t a massive fan of the early GoPro’s but the latest GoPro is a very useful tool where there simply isn’t space or time to use anything else.

I now stock 40x GoPro Black editions available for dry hire or can be supplied with technicians, loggers and data wranglers for large scale jobs.

We regularly work as second or third units on commercials, films and Behind the scenes films and can operate on our own hoovering up unique shots around any event that a main cameras may not be able to capture.

The newer GoPro boasts much sharper picture, less distortion, truer colours and extended battery life.  Using the “ProTune” you reduce the amount of the cameras nasty digital internal processing which gets rid of the extreme contrast and digitally sharpens the image.  “Pro Tune” also raises the bit rate your video is recorded at up to a maximum of 45mbps.

I also have available “Backbone” modified Black Editions with improved lens options with less distortion and vastly improved optics compared to the stock GoPro.

Please call for more info about multiple GoPro shoots and GoPro Array filming.

Download GoPro Hero 7-8 Data Sheet 2020